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Who's Who at Her Honor: Team Urritia/Martinez x 2!

When Her Honor Mentoring was founded over ten years ago, we couldn’t have known the impact it would have. Over the years, we’ve seen mentees (and mentors!) create change in themselves, and, through those changes, seen the ripples spread amidst their families and throughout their communities. We’ve seen the ways in which mentees lift each other up — older sisters and cousins encouraging their younger peers to apply, inviting them into a community that had deep impact on their own lives. Gloria Urritia is one such mentee.

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Who's Who at Her Honor: Team Galeano/Perez-DiVito

Kelly Galeano loves to swim and spend time with her little sister. She likes to visit new places, describes herself as optimistic, and has a deep love of caring for others. “Since I can remember, helping people has been my passion,” Kelly writes.

Gladys Perez-Di Vito, a licensed psychotherapist, life coach, and four time Her Honor Mentor, is passionate about enhancing personal growth in individuals. Through her work, Gladys helps people to improve the quality of their lives emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.

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Who's Who at Her Honor: Team McFarlane/Valdes

As she entered high school, Crystal McFarlane began to noticed that her interests differed from many of her peers. “My interest in technology grew more than tinkering with my home computer,” she writes. However, as her passion deepened, she found herself alone in her excitement, “Nobody who was close to me shared this passion or even understood it.”

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In Remembrance: Deborah Crowder, Devoted Mentor

Deborah & Anya

It is with heavy hearts that the Her Honor Mentoring team shares the news of Deborah Crowder’s passing. Deborah, a devoted mentor and longtime friend of the Her Honor Mentoring community, passed away on September 4th after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

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Who's Who at Her Honor: Team Pani/Anderson


Several months ago, Michelle Pani, a senior at White Plains High School, was uncertain about her nomination to the Her Honor Mentoring program. “I was indecisive on what to think. I never considered seeking a mentor,” writes Michelle in her application essay. Unclear on her next steps and wanting to learn more about the opportunity, Michelle headed to the HHM website. In browsing the site, she quickly found a surefire sign that this was the program for her. “There was Martha Anderson, my mother’s hero, as a mentor,” Michelle writes, “It wasn’t a coincidence... it was a sign.”

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 "Her Honor Mentoring program has broadened my view of how resourceful, empowering, and intellectual women can be. It has shown me what I am capable of achieving. Women are these incredible beings that are capable of doing anything that they set their minds to.

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Being part of the HerHonor experience has been a blessing and opportunity I will never forget. My mentor is the Chief of the White Plains Police Department. She is passionate about her job and the whole police department. Through her example I understood that some days chaos will take over you but it's up to you to endure the problem and make the best of it. My mentor also showed the loved she had for me. I had a personal problem and I was able to talk to her about it because I trusted her enough. She was able to give me advice and help me get through it. I see her as a mother figure and I can tell she cares about my feelings and problems.


My mentor, Nancy White, is the hardest working person I know. She has impacted me on both a professional and personal level. I saw her creativity as an asset to keep sales up. She always is so determined and keeps a positive mind to back it up. The way she runs her business amazes me and has given me hope to be something big in the future. I've been mentored on how to listen, and speak to people professionally, and most importantly, to be proud of my work. She makes me feel important.