Our mentees are bright, enthusiastic high school senior girls, who are determined to reach their full potential and appreciate an exceptional woman is created with high goals, passion and perseverance.


Mentors are leaders within their professions and community role models. They are committed to providing a rewarding mentorship experience and open to developing relationships to last a lifetime.


Our careful matching process pairs each mentee's interests and life experiences with a mentor that can guide them on a professional, educational and personal level.


Mentee and mentor pairs meet weekly, guided by a curriculum focusing on education, career planning and financial literacy.


Embedded in the weekly meetings are discussions about life skills that help mentees further develop both personally and professionally.


Her Honor Mentoring combines the power of youth and the wisdom of experience to inspire both our mentees and mentors to dream big and achieve BIGGER!

Her Honor Mentoring 2.0

Watch this video to learn more about our innovative new program model and how we are investing in women's leadership. Get involved today!


She Said, She Said on Career Exploration

Who Said What: Her Honor mentees share how their mentorship has impacted their career exploration. 

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She Said, She Said on Networking

Who Said What: Her Honor mentees on their networking opportunities

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Who's Who at Her Honor: Team Fagan/Lake

Kayla Fagan plays a special role in her mentorship with mentor Allison Lake at Westchester Children's Association.

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Ashanti Palmer, Her Honor Mentee In The News!

Congratulations are in order for our Her Honor mentee Ashanti Palmer of Nellie A. Thornton High School.

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Master Your Card - Benefits of Prepaid Cards
As our day-to-day lives are being impacted by social distancing, so are our financial transactions. Mentees in Her Honor have been active users of prepaid cards during their mentorships, which has enabled easy distribution and access to their payments.

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Judge Judy Lunches With Mentor Program
Judge Judy Sheindlin had lunch with the graduates of her mentoring program in Westchester County.

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Mentoring Matters

50 Empowering Quotes from Fictional Female Characters

This is an epic collection of inspirational quotes from female Disney characters, Marvel characters, comic book characters, and so much more.

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Financial Lessons That You Learn Watching Judge Judy

The Judge Judy program is a gold mine of financial information. Here are 12 money lessons that parties in her courtroom learned the hard way. Feel free to share with family, friends, and colleagues.

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Global Leaders on Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Global leaders understand that diversity in the workplace is crucial to business success.

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Be the hero of your very own story!

"I feel privileged to lend my support to such a powerful program."

- Judge Judy Sheindlin, Founding Partner