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Thursday June 15, 2017


I had the privilege of working at The Westchester Board of Legislators in White Plains with my mentor Carol Bengis. At first I felt that my position would not assist the necessary experience I needed for my long term goals. For example; filing papers, organizing packets, creating databases, communicating with employees. What I have learned is that all of these tasks and skills have become useful resources. With these new skills I began organizing all my important documents for college that needed to be filed or copied. I had the confidence to call up colleges and ask questions. Getting to work in a professional environment and have hands-on experiences has had an immense impact on bettering myself for the future.

Besides the work experience which I can learn from any other internship, I was blessed to connect with a beautiful and confident individual, Carol Bengis. I learned how charitable she is towards those who are in need, how flexible she is when working yet at the same time diligent on completing tasks. From the very beginning she was open and kind towards me. We talked about everything from nutrition to college decisions. We always were discussing and venting with one other. I honestly enjoyed being in her presence and I undoubtedly consider her to be a mother figure."