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Tuesday December 9, 2014

Step-Daughter From Larchmont Writes Forward For 'Judge Judy's' E-Book

LARCHMONT, N.Y. -- All rise... Judy Sheindlin, aka "Judge Judy" has released a free e-book designed to empower women of any age, featuring a forward by her step-daughter (and lawyer in her own right), Larchmont resident Nicole Sheindlin.

"Judy models a way of thinking about yourself," said Nicole Sheindlin of the wisdom-packed "What Would Judy Say, Be the Hero of Your Own Story."  "She often tells women that being true to yourself is what matters most. In that sense, Judy's story can be anyone's story."

It's the judge's drive and passion that in fact, helped propel the younger Sheindlin to start Her Honor Mentoring, a program that matches girls from six local high schools with professional women who offer hands-on work experience, advice and guidance for succeeding in the workplace.

Greenwich resident Judy Sheindlin admits she was not the prettiest or smartest but she had drive and passion which translated into hard work, a practical approach to life and ultimately, success in a realm she never imagined. "I am from a generation of women for whom opportunities were much narrower and even if we pursued careers, there was an understanding that the 'job' of wife and mother was the most important of all," she said.

The main take-way from her book: Women should stop defining themselves by society's expectations of "having it all" and use their own definitions to create their own story. Judge Judy is clear that "defining my own worth is a priority in every arena of my life. Long before I was Judge Judy, when I was an unknown worker bee, I usually got what I wanted. I set realistic goals consistent with my talents," she writes.

It is this mindset and formula for success that has propelled her Emmy award winning television program to it's 19th season.

The book has registered 340,000 downloads since it's September release.