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Monday February 22, 2016

Judge Judy wins prestigious award


SAN ANTONIO - Judge Judy was awarded the Texas Women's Lawyers' Pathfinder Award at St. Mary's Law School Friday. Her daughter, Nicole Sheindlin, accepted the award on her behalf and was also the keynote speaker. Judge Judy provided video remarks.

Nicole is co-founder of "Her Honor Mentoring" which provides an opportunity for young women to reach their full potential through a unique approach to learning and growth.
"Judge Judy is an entity by herself," said Deirdre Brown, President of Texas Women's Lawyers. "She has provided education to consumers especially on legal issues that nobody else can do, that nobody else has touched."
Judge Judy was taping her program in Los Angeles and did not attend the event.
The Honorable Judith Sheindlin presides over the TV court program, "Judge Judy," which is celebrating 20 years on the air this season. It is the highest rated program on daytime television watched by 10 million viewers a day.
Each year, TWL recognizes a Pathfinder -- an individual who has been a champion promoting the advancement of women in the law and who exemplifies professionalism, leadership, and commitment to the public interest. Judge Judy is a testament to being true to yourself, speaking up and keeping things simple, which can lead not only to success, but influence as well.
With over 20,000 cases under her belt, Judge Judy became known as one of New York's toughest judges. On the bench, her message was clear - take responsibility for yourself, your actions and the children you've brought into the world. Credited with pioneering an "open court policy," Judge Judy allowed the public and the media to view her day-to-day proceedings, which was not a common practice at the time.
Judge Judy is the author of several books on The New York Times best sellers list. Her latest book, "What Would Judy Say: "Be the Hero of Your Own Story," is available as a free download at WhatWouldJudySay.com.
"Judge Judy is an icon but I really appreciated her impact in a new way one day when I heard young disadvantaged kids arguing with each other regarding right versus wrong. One authoritatively quoted Judge Judy to prove she was right. I realized Judge Judy was not just a television show, but her influential dose of practical life skills was providing education to kids which they may not get at home," said Brown.