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Virtual Interview Tips

Many interviews are taking place on a virtual platform. Regardless of whether virtual or in person, being properly prepared and engaged is important. Below are some of our favorite tips for interviews or professional meetings.

  • BE on TIME. This is the simplest way to help your interview start off on a positive note. Be punctual, have the virtual link ready, and sign on at or before the interview starting time.

  • Dress appropriately. Even though you will probably be in the comfort of your own home, it is still an interview. First impressions are important whether in-person or virtual. A professional and clean look indicates you take the interview seriously.

  • Be prepared. The more information you have prepared in advance, the better impression you will make on the interviewer.
    • Take the time to research the college, scholarship organization, or company with which you are interviewing or meeting. Check out their website and learn more details about the organization and opportunity. Providing informed answers indicates you are knowledgeable and serious about the opportunity. TIP: If you know your interviewer’s name in advance, check their LinkedIn profile to learn more.
    • Develop at least 2-3 questions that you have for the interviewer. Asking questions demonstrates you are engaged and thoughtful. Click here for interview question inspiration.
    • Practice interviewing in advance with your mentor, family member, or friend. When practicing, use the online platform that the actual interview is scheduled on so you can work through potential technical difficulties and make sure you and your surroundings are camera ready.

  • Maintain eye contact and be aware of your body language. Look directly at the camera so that your interviewer feels that you are engaged and interested. Take a breath, sit up straight and remember to smile.

  • Avoid background distractions. A distraction-free environment is ideal for a successful interview.
    • Find a quiet spot with minimal background noise
    • Inform your household members about the interview ahead of time
    • Silence your cell phone or put it on airplane mode

  • Plan for the virtual platform. Minimize technical issues with some advance planning.
    • Your full name should be your username on the screen
    • Check the lighting to confirm you are properly seen
    • Use a computer that you are familiar with
    • Test the application you will be using prior to your interview

  • Follow-Up. One of the most important tips for an excellent interview is the thank you. After your interview is complete, email a thoughtful thank you note to the interviewer. Thank you notes should be sent within 1-2 days after the interview.

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