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Mission + History

Mission + History

We believe that connecting strong, positive, female role models with young women doesn't just change one thing … it changes EVERYTHING!

Our mission at Her Honor Mentoring is to provide unique learning opportunities and resources for young women.

Mentoring is our tool to bridge education and employment gaps. We connect the needs of our public education system with powerful resources in the business community.

Her Honor Mentoring was developed by Nicole Sheindlin and Judith Sheindlin, as an innovative and pragmatic way to boost self-confidence in young women in the workplace and everyday life.



Her Honor welcomed 130 mentees and 144 mentors to the Class of 2022-23. Her Honor continued its virtual model this program year; fortunately, many of our mentoring teams were able to meet in-person at least once during their Her Honor experience.


This year we welcome our class of 118 mentees and 143 mentors. The Her Honor 2.0 virtual model allows us to further expand into the Bronx, Rockland, and Westchester counties. We are also continuing our initiative with Mastercard and Girls Inc. in St. Louis, MO.


The COVID-19 health crisis disrupted Her Honor’s workplace-based mentoring model in March 2020. Her Honor 2.0 was created as a completely virtual mentoring model consisting of weekly online mentoring meetings. Our program welcomed 110 mentees and 140 mentors. We also rolled out a pilot initiative in St Louis with our partners at Mastercard.


Our program continued to grow with a class of 77 mentees and 76 mentors.


Our program expanded to a class of 70 mentees and 69 mentors.


Our program welcomed a class of 61 mentees and 58 mentors.


Our program expanded from eight to 10 partner schools to include New Rochelle and Port Chester High Schools, with a class of 61 mentees and 65 mentors.


Our program included 51 mentees and 53 mentors, selected from our eight partner high schools.


Our program expanded from seven to eight partner schools to include Lincoln High School in Yonkers, with a class of 51 mentees and 53 mentors.


Our program included 42 mentees and 44 mentors, selected from our seven partner high schools.


Our program expanded from six to seven partner schools to include Gorton High School in Yonkers, with a class of 40 mentees and 44 mentors.


Our program expanded from five to six partner schools, adding  Nellie A Thornton High School in Mount Vernon, with a class of 40 mentees and 42 mentors.


Our program expanded from three to five partner schools, adding Saunders Trades and Technical High School in Yonkers and Nelson Mandela High School in Mount Vernon, with a class of 38 mentees and 40 mentors.


Our program expanded from two to three partner schools to include White Plains High School, with a class of 30 mentees and 32 mentors.


Capitalizing on the success of year one, Her Honor Mentoring eagerly added Mount Vernon High School to their roster, with a class of 18 mentees and 20 mentors.


Mamaroneck High School was chosen as the pilot school for Her Honor Mentoring. The first class of mentees consisted of 8 high school students paired with 8 local professional women who readily volunteered to be mentors.


Nicole Sheindlin founded Her Honor Mentoring with the backing of Judith Sheindlin. The two partnered with the Westchester County Office for Women to provide administrative support for their program.


In the future, Her Honor Mentoring hopes to continue our expansion into additional high schools.