Her Honor Mentoring was developed by Nicole Sheindlin and Judith Sheindlin, as an innovative and pragmatic way to boost self confidence in young women at the workplace and everyday life.


Nicole Sheindlin founded Her Honor Mentoring with the backing of Judith Sheindlin. The two partnered with the Westchester County Office for Women to provide administrative support for their program.


Mamaroneck High School was chosen as the pilot school for Her Honor Mentoring. The first class of mentees consisted of eight high school students paired with eight local professional women who readily volunteered to be mentors.


Capitalizing on the success of year one, Her Honor Mentoring eagerly added Mount Vernon High School to their roster, with a class of eighteen mentees and twenty mentors.


Our program expanded from two partner schools to include White Plains High School, with a class of thirty mentees and thirty-two mentors.


Our program expanded from three partner schools to include Saunders Trades and Technical High School in Yonkers and Nelson Mandela High School in Mount Vernon, with a class of thirty eight mentees and forty mentors.


Our program expanded from five partner schools to include Nellie A Thornton High School in Mount Vernon, with a class of forty mentees and forty two mentors.


Our program expanded from six partner schools to include Gorton High School in Yonkers, with a class of forty mentees and forty-four mentors.


Our program included forty-two mentees and forty-four mentors, selected from our seven partner high schools.


Our program expanded from seven partner schools to include Lincoln High School in Yonkers, with a class of fifty-one mentees and fifty-three mentors.


Our program included fifty-one mentees and fifty-three mentors, selected from our eight partner high schools.


Our program expanded from eight partner schools to include New Rochelle and Port Chester High Schools, with a class of sixty-one mentees and sixty-five mentors.

In the future, Her Honor Mentoring hopes to offer our program to additional high schools throughout Westchester County and beyond.

Meet Guadalupe Bobadilla

"Before Her Honor, I had poor communication skills and a fear of failure. After Her Honor, I am confident in my communication abilities and feel proud of my overall professional skills.

My mentor helped me improve on my communication skills by having me answer the phone during office hours and welcome incoming customers. I often criticized myself when my mentor assigned a project for me to do on my own.

Over time, I learned to be more confident in the work I do, not only in Her Honor but in everyday life. The opportunity to meet and learn from people who genuinely want to help me in my career choice is incredible and I am grateful to participate in Her Honor."