Frequently Asked Questions

Her Honor provides many ways for you to get involved . . . give back . . . and improve our world -- one girl at a time!

How can I become a Her Honor mentee?

Mentees are selected through one of our participating Westchester County high schools. A committee within each school, composed of guidance counselors and school administrators nominates candidates for the mentoring program. Candidates must be responsible, motivated, mature, upcoming seniors and show leadership potential. Economic need is also a criteria. The application process begins in April of each year. Each candidate is required to submit an application, along with a personal essay, letter of recommendation from a teacher or school faculty member, and a copy of her transcript. Final selections are announced in early June. 

If you are interested in joining Her Honor Mentoring program, please see your school guidance counselor, who will help you get involved. If your school is not currently participating in the program, see below.

How can my school participate in Her Honor Mentoring?

Her Honor Mentoring is currently in partnership with Mamaroneck, Mount Vernon and White Plains high schools in Westchester County, New York. Each year our program evaluates the addition of new schools and welcomes suggestions. Currently, our program serves Westchester County. It is important to note that the evaluation and selection process for additional schools is comprehensive and may take up to a year.

If you are interested in having your school become a Her Honor partner, please write to

How can I become a Her Honor partner/sponsor?

There are many ways for businesses or individuals to become involved with Her Honor Mentoring.

Life Skills Workshops

Life skills workshops are a critical part of the Her Honor Mentoring program and provide our mentees with a well-rounded experience that transcends the workplace. We are always open to new ideas that can provide specific professional and personal benefits to our participants. If you have suggestions regarding topics, speakers or locations for our Life Skills Workshops, please write to

Event Sponsors

Her Honor Mentoring participates in a variety of special events throughout our program year. Events include our kickoff luncheon, holiday party, closing luncheon and other cultural and community service opportunities that can specifically enhance our mentees experience. If you are interested in donating your services, location or products to our events or have suggestions for new events, please write to

Website Sponsors

The updated Her Honor Mentoring website provides wonderful opportunities to involve many businesses in our program, through our external "Resource Center" as well as directly to all participants in our "Expert's Corner". If you are interested in providing educational information, services or products on our website, please write to

Program Partners

Her Honor Mentoring partners are the financial base of our program. These extremely special individuals and businesses enable our program to be successful and positively influence lives at many levels. Our partners underwrite the administrative costs of Her Honor Mentoring and enable expansion of the program each year to include additional schools and students.

Instructions for individual and corporate donations can be found by downloading this form.