Westchester County Office for Women

The Westchester County Office for Women was created in 1980. The opening of the Office for Women began a new era for women and families in Westchester establishing a centralized, community-based resource in county government.

Established in 1980, the Office for Women promotes equal rights, independence, self-sufficiency and physical and emotional safety for Westchester County women and their families through education and research, direct and contracted services, and by influencing public policy. It offers counseling, legal advocacy, help obtaining Orders of Protection, child support and custody, safety planning and other support services for victims and families. Westchester County, through the Office for Women, provides ongoing, extensive administrative support to the Her Honor Mentoring Program.


Meet Martha Anderson

Martha has been a mentor for nine consecutive years.

"I think I bonded more with the mentees this year because my daughter was applying to college. We all micro managed the college process and learned a lot from each other."
June, 2016